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Lolita Teens

Posted on July 18 2012


Related article: Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2004 15:39:59 -0500From: Paul Daventon Subject: Dukes of Windsor/Dukes-of-Windsor-24Disclaimer: This story concerns mainly homosexual men and their lives,relationships and Lolita Teens sexual activities. It was inspired only by my visionsand invention. This tale is entirely fictional. If there are anysimilarities to actual people, places or events, it is purely coincidental.If you are under 18 or if reading this story would be illegal for you inyour area or if you don't like the subject matter, please leave now.Always be SAFE. Otherwise read on and I hope you enjoy.The Dukes of Windsor Copyrigh 2004 by Paul H. Daventon. All rightsreserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any mannerwhatsoever without written permission of the author. If you are enjoyingthis story, write to me at dukesofwindsorjuno.comWhen you write, please put "Dukes" or "Dukes of Windsor" in the Subjectline so I concentrate on story email. Thanks, Paul.* * * * *THANK YOU I'd be remiss if I didn't thank David and Allen for editing thechapters of this story. They have made the writing smoother, more correctand easier to read.. Thank you guys so much for your help and yourencouragement, keeping me on the path. Love you forever. Paul DaventonAUTHOR'S NOTE:The Dukes and Duchess of Windsor has 38 chapters and the story is finished.I will put a chapter on each week if all goes well. P.D.* * * * *==============Chapter Twenty-four==============The scene of the Windsor College Band's Pops concert showed amilling mass of people. The band members were crowding around to seeDr. Ridgway, to see if he was all right. The doctor who had come from theaudience soon had Matt sitting up, then standing up, and trying to calmeverybody. Matt was particularly concerned about his favorite flutist,Britt Briggs. She also was okay, just a little scared from being thrown onthe lawn from her chair. His Dukes, who were looking around trying to understand whathad happened, surrounded Matt. Lolita Teens First, they noticed that Matt's podium hascollapsed under him, and one leg of Britt's chair was severed. How couldthat have happened? Sergeant Reardon had been in the audience during the concertbut had gotten a call on his cell phone and left to go where he could hearand speak. As soon as his call was finished, he noticed the audiencemilling around but not going anywhere. He hurried back just in time Lolita Teens to seeMatt being helped from the ground. "Matt, now what have you done?" he asked, trying to make lightof a possible tragedy. Lolita Teens "Sergeant, we haven't been able to figure out anything otherthan I fell off of my perch." He grinned, "I don't think anything serioushappened, though. However, my podium is damaged..." Reardon broke in, "Is that somewhere around your pelvis, Matt?I never heard of it." He moved around Matt's body, pretending to figurejust where the podium' was. Matt ignored the Sergeant. "And, Sergeant, Britt's chair fellout from under her, throwing her to the ground." Reardon sat on his heels as he looked at both the podium andthe chair. The condition of both of them confirmed what he'd beenvisualizing. "Matt, both your podium and Britt's chair were hit by bullets,maybe just one bullet which ricocheted from your podium to her chair leg.We'll need to search the area very closely tomorrow; the light is gettingtoo dim now. I'll have police tapes around this whole area and a man willbe here round the clock." He looked at Matt, "Are you all right, Matt, youknow, you worry me a lot, my friend. You need someone to look after you." "I do have someone, Sergeant, Hardy Wo...." He broke off, "Hasanyone seen Hardy recently?" One of Matt's drummers came up to say he saw Hardy run to theSocSci building just as they were finishing the last piece. "I hadmemorized The Sound of Music' and just happened to look up and see him." Matt knew the kid could hardly read the music, let alonememorize it, but Rhett Butler was a good kid and a good drummer once helearned the piece. Lolita Teens The Sergeant looked up to the top floors on the SocScibuilding. "Matt, is that Hardy leaning out the window on the fifth floor?" "Yeah, that's Hardy, wonder what he is doing up there?" Lolita Teens He saw that Hardy was pointing at Lolita Teens the Sergeant, and then wavinghis hand, wanting him to come up there with him. "I think he wants you upthere." Sgt. Reardon moved fast, running to the building and then ranup five floors. When he got onto the fifth floor after ten flights, hestopped, bent over with his hands on his knees, panting fast and hard, "Ohhell, Lolita Teens I got to do more exercising." When he had his breath, he hollered, "Where are you, Hardy?" "In here, Sergeant, room 502." Reardon found Hardy kneeling by the open window, scanning thefloor. "Sergeant, I came up here because I thought there might be a sniperin this room. I had noticed that this window was open when I was standingbehind the band, and I knew it should not be open. So, when I saw a man goin the building, I got up here as fast as I could." "Was there anybody here, Hardy?" Hardy lied and said, "Nope, whoever was here had disappeared bythe time I got.... hey, Sergeant, look at what I found." Hardy didn'ttouch the brass he found next to the wall, partially hidden by thebaseboard. Sergeant Reardon pulled a pen from his shirt pocket, stuck itin the cartridge and pulled it up to his nose. That's about as recentlyfired as they get. Couldn't be more than a few minutes." He patted Hardyon the back, "Good going, Mr. Wolfe, or is it Mr. Ridgway?" Hardy knew Reardon was teasing, but he enjoyed it. "Not yet,Sergeant, but maybe soon." Both men were scrunched down on their heels, Reardon put hisarm around Hardy's shoulders, holding tight. Lolita Teens "Hardy, some policemen give homosexuals a hard time,particularly the flamboyant, ostentatious ones, and that isn't right. Weare fortunate in Windsor that most gays are quiet law- abiding men, wantingjust a home life with their partner. I don't hold with the bias. You andMatt keep a very tight ship and I'd sign on with you anytime. I don't knowwhat goes between you two guys, but I'm okay with anything you do inprivate, and I'd hate like hell to lose either of you." He sniffed, "Ialmost told you to call me by my first name, but I just can't tell you whatit is." He laughed, "I guess you'll have to wait Lolita Teens for that surprise." Hardy smiled and patted Reardon on his back, "Thanks, I think,Sergeant, we'll wait. You do get a lot of business from us, remember!" "Right! I'll get started checking this brass and search forthe bullet out there somewhere. Might not help a bit, but we've got totry. Your Matt is important, but hurting the kids is too much." As Reardon left, Hardy regretting having lied to him, but hehad to talk to Matt first. Karl had not explained much when he came towith quite a bump on his head. He begged Hardy to let him go and he'dexplain to him and Matt later. Hardy knew Karl wouldn't have been thesniper, though he did know he was an expert with a rifle. Hardy returned to the band concert area, noting that mosteveryone had left, audience and band members. Matt was still there,supervising those who were returning music department equipment to themusic building. He saw Hardy and walked over to him. "Hardy, what was going on in the SocSci Building? Did you findanything?" "Yes, Matt, but we'll have to talk about it later at home. Notnow." "Now you are being mysterious. I assume you'll tell meeverything." He thought a moment, "I'll bet you didn't tell the Sergeanteverything, did you?" "No, that's between us and one other person." Matt sighed, looking resigned, "Okay, Woofie, I'll go along Lolita Teens fora while." He also looked desperately tired and exhausted, "I need a bathand bed, babe, Lolita Teens let's get home as soon as we can."* * * * * As Hardy helped Matt into the Jacuzzi, he noticed some redmarks on Matt's body, probably some places which would show bruises thenext day. "Ah, Matty, you've been hurt," he said as he ran his hands overMatt's chest and sides. "Did this happen when you fell?" "I guess, I was shocked with just realizing that I was falling,something you don't expect. I'll be all right. I guess Britt is okay,huh?" Yes, her parents were there and took her home. She was alittle shaken but otherwise fine." Matt shook his head, "Are we going to have guards at ourconcerts, or metal detectors? I'm very depressed, Woofie, I just can'tshake it." "Gee, Matty, I'd sure like to see you shake it, just wait, I'llget in with you." Hardy swiftly stripped his clothes from his body, revealing anew naked section of his fabulous body with every piece of clothingdivested. Finally, completely nude, he slid into the hot water besideMatt, slowly drifting on top of his lover until they were as one, holdingbody to body, lips to lips. Neither was very excited, too tired anddiscomforted, worried about someone out there who hated them. "Okay, Hardy, we're in position now, so tell all, and I meanall!" "Sure, Matt." He stuck his tongue in Matt's ear. "Now, when Igot to the fifth floor, I looked for anyone. I did feel scared because ifmy theory was right, a sniper had been there, or maybe was still there. "The first room I looked in, #502, revealed a man lying on thefloor, motionless. Since I didn't have a weapon of any sort, I enteredcarefully, scanning the area closely as I went. When I got close, I sawthat the man was Karl Nordstrom. Checking his pulse, I found it strong anda bit rapid, but he seemed to be breathing normally. "I patted his cheeks lightly, then harder, calling his name.Within a few moments, his eyes opened and he jumped, showing fright andalmost panic, but calmed himself immediately. He soon sat up by himself,looking at me weirdly, as if I were a stranger he didn't know. Again, hecomposed himself more and called me by name." "Oh, hi, Hardy, I didn't realize who you were for a minute." "Yes, Karl, I understood that and hope you are all right. Youhave a large bump on your head, my friend, and you were totally unconsciouswhen I Lolita Teens arrived." "Has anyone been here beside you, Hardy?" "No, Karl, just me. I assume there was someone else herewhen you came up." Karl nodded his head. "And that man was a sniper with a rifle, right?" Again he nodded. "And, I'm going to bet you know who he is, right?" Karl lowered his head and again nodded. Suddenly, he stoodup, "Oh, god, Hardy, I've got to get out of here." He begged with hiswhole body, "Hardy, please, let me go and I'll explain to you and Mattwhenever you say. Please trust me, please?" Hardy gave Karl a Lolita Teens sidelong look, suspicious, "You didn'thave a rifle here, did you?" "Absolutely not, Hardy, Matt would be the last person Iwould kill." So Hardy told Karl to get out, and hurry before he had toget some police up there. "That's it, Matt, that's all we said. What do you think?" "Very mysterious, Hardy. I'm particularly interested in hislast statement that I would be the last person he would kill'. Strange,isn't it? Why, of all people, would he be killing anyone?" Matt tried toreason it, "Maybe that's what we need to investigate, or who." "He promised to talk with us whenever we wanted." Lolita Teens "Did you talk to Sergeant Reardon, Hardy?" "Yes, but I didn't tell him about Karl. Karl seemed to be ina state of panic, honestly, until I said we would wait until he let us inon his secrets." "I think you did right, Woofie, good thinking in a tightspot. Now can we go to bed?" "Sure." The two naked men wiped each other down with ultra softtowels, pulled down the sheet and literally fell into bed, fitting theirbodies together, cocks in line and asleep in 3 minutes.* * * * * In the Head of the Music Department's office, Dr. Powers wasoverjoyed with the way Matt took his little joke' application for thepresident's office. He was going wild trying to find out who sent theapplication on him. Fortunately Powers had greased the ways so Mattcouldn't find out who sent it in. He was 'outed' and that was that.Dr. Matthew B. Ridgway would not bother him anymore. The college wouldhave to fire him and every member of the Ohio Fine Arts TeachersAssociation would consider him 'persona non grata'. Powers grinned in gleeand danced a little bit around the room, his office, no one else's. Thecollege will have to plead with him to rescind his retirement and he couldstay. They would just have to pass a special by-law. He noted that the College Concert Band had another Pops Concertthis coming Friday. He wondered just what did happen last Friday. Hehadn't heard any gossip about it, just wild rumors which couldn't be right.One was that there was a sniper in a building, but the police hadn't saidanything about that and there wasn't an item about it in the paper. Powers was already planning how he would get rid of everythingthat Ridgway put in place, especially the Dukes of Windsor. What apathetic performance group! What a waste! His secretary entered with amessagegram. Powers wouldn't have anything to do computers, the Internet,email or websites. Dr. Powers noted that the messagegram was from a friend at theO.F.A.T.A in Columbus. The envelope was sealed, he opened it quickly. Ashe read the message, he turned pure white and felt faint. In fact he didfaint, falling on the thick Oriental carpet on his office floor. Hissecretary had left his office door open and heard a thump in the office, sowent to see. She found Powers on the floor, unconscious, holding themessagegram in his fist. In her office she called 9-1-1, telling them exactly where tocome. Within 15 minutes the EMS people had come, examined Powers and tookhim by ambulance to the hospital. Powers' secretary had removed themessagegram from Powers' fingers, read it and started laughing, fit Lolita Teens to betied. Lolita Teens She knew that Powers had sent in Matt's application. She continuedlaughing so long and so loud that the secretary from the next office cameto see what the hell was so damn funny. "Oh, not much, just something Ithought of." She wasn't going to tell anyone about the message.* * * * * That evening, Roger and Todd were fixing dinner for the'family'. Their meals were a bit boring, but were well done. Todd hadlearned how to cook from the chef at his first job with the Rittenberryfamily and could make tasty and nutritious meals. Roger was his sous chef, dishwasher and garbage disposer. Hewas just happy that one of them could cook and keep peace with the family.The two young men had a renewal of their love affair after Matt had talkedto Roger. Roger apologized steadily for two days, promising on his sacredoath to be more caring, more understanding and more loving. Just that morning the young men had awakened, joined by theirarms and bodies. Todd was six inches taller than Roger, but he alwaystried to minimize the difference by stooping or curling his body aroundRoger's. In his new realization of their relationship, Roger recognizedwhat Todd had been doing, belittling himself to make Roger look bigger. After their shower that morning, Roger was determined to helpTodd find his natural place in their connection. Their bathroom had amirror covering a full wall which revealed their nakedness from head totoes, and Roger asked, "Toddy, look at us, would you? What do you see?" Todd giggled, "You are a real hunk, Rog, and I love you." Heblushed, of course. Roger asked, "Toddy, you are a real hunk, and I love you." Again Todd blushed, "Aw, Rog, I'm no hunk. Look how skinny Iam." He crossed his arms over his chest, his head bowed and his eyes onthe floor. "Rog, I am so lucky to have found you, man, I'm so damn luckyyou somehow wanted me, dumb and skinny as I am." Todd seemed almost intears, just what Roger didn't want. Roger turned to hold Todd, his back now echoed by the mirror."Toddy, I love you because you are a hunk, you are a wonderful personinside and outside, you are so accommodating with me, you are so sweet andstrong, you love me AND, Toddy, you are six inches taller than me!" Todd raised his head suddenly to look at Roger. "Yes, Todd, I said because you are six inches taller than me.I love you that much." He smiled at Todd, "My lover, I love you becauseyou are YOU! Not because you can almost make yourself look smaller thanme." Roger grabbed Todd, pressing himself to him, "Toddy, please believeme, I want you to be YOU, entirely you. I am not intimidated by yourheight, or anything about you. I want to be proud of you, of all that youstand for and are, and I am proud of your being six inches taller than Iam. I hope that pleases you, dear." Lolita Teens Now tears were leaking from Todd's eyes, dashing down hischeeks and dripping off of his jaw. He started to sink lower, bend hisknees and try to adjust. "No, Toddy, you can't do that. Stand up!" Roger pulled over a small stool he had previously put in theirbathroom. By standing on it, Roger was as tall as Todd, his face was evenwith Roger's, however his cock was a few inches above Todd's. He pulled inclose to Todd, pressed his lips on Todd's and thrust his tongue into hismouth. Holding his arms around Todd's neck, Roger was able to wrap hislegs around Todd's hips and hold on. Immediately Lolita Teens Todd' hands reached under Roger's buttocks, helpingto hold him up. "Isn't this nice, Toddy, this is great. We are the sameheight, and if we work it right, you can put your cock up my ass just theway we are now. Right?" Todd hesitated, "Yes, I guess." "What's wrong?" "How do I do that?" Roger grinned, "Toddy, can you hold me up by my butt?" "I guess." "Okay, I'll grab your cock and point Lolita Teens it to my asshole. Then welet me gradually sink lower. That's it." Lolita Teens Todd wasn't sure about it because his legs were tremblingalready. He held tight to Rog's beautiful butt cheeks while Rog reacheddown one hand to hold the cock up. "Ok, Toddy, now let me lower." As Roger slid lower on Todd's body, his rock-hard cockactually penetrated Rog's asshole, pushing up further and further untilTodd hollered. "Oh, oh, Rog, I can't hold us both up." He struggled, criedout but gradually slid to the bathroom-carpeted floor with Lolita Teens a thud,stretched out with Roger on top of him. "Are you okay, Todd?" "Oh, Rog, I think I broke it, it hurts." He groaned roughly,grunting as he did. "What broke?" "What do you think? My..." Lolita Teens A new voice from the doorway, "Hi, ToddRog, what cha doin'?"The voice was obviously very young, a little older than the youngest, so itmust belong to Jacob. Todd and Roger froze in their position. Their heads werepointed toward the door with Roger still on top of Todd, and..... theywere naked. Roger raised his head and his chest up off Todd's chest, butnot too far. As it happened, Todd's cock was not broken and was stillinside Roger's ass but the kids couldn't see that. Roger managed to smile at Jacob and Joshua in the doorway tothe bathroom. "Hi, guys, we're just wrestling, you know, rasslin'?" Ignoringthe fact that they were naked. "Oh." Roger tried to make their position look like a wrestling hold,"See, I've got a winning hold on him, Lolita Teens so I won." His mind was spinning,wondering how they would get out of this. Then he did have a brainstorm. "Guys, you know that Matt said last night that we could try outthe swimming pool today? How about you two go put on your Speedos and we'llmeet you at the pool. But don't go in until we get there. Okay?" "Yea, yea, hear that Joshie? We get to go swimming." Bothkids were jumping around. "Okay, guys, get going, shut the door and we'll be there soon." Once they left and shut the door, Roger kissed Todd hard on thelips. "I love you, Mr. Todd O'Brien Fowler, very much. Now get that rodthat's sticking in my ass hard as hell. Hurry. Then you get to goswimming." Todd's arms wrapped around Rog's shoulders, "You are so clever,Rog, that's why I love you so much." He moaned, "I think he's gettingbigger." "Okay then, start humping me, lover, and hurry." The two young men remained as they landed while Todd beganhumping Rog's ass, in and out, thrust and parry, faster and faster. Todd was breathing hard, "Rog, if you would sit up and help, Icould do this faster." Roger sat up straight over Todd's groin, bouncing up and downas Todd's pelvis plunged his steel like cock, hot and red and dripping,directly in Rog's rectum. "It's working, Rog, go faster, I'm almost cumming." Todd grabbed Roger's solid cock with one hand and began to jerkit along with his cock pushing into Rog's bottom. Roger was leaning on hishands over Todd, raising and lowering his ass on the hot poker in hisrectum. He was also drooling his mouth juices, scoring as they droppedright into Todd's mouth, "Come on, Todd, shove it, ram it, stab me deep, I'm almostthere." "Now! Rog, now! As their bodies slammed together, theirpassions were reaching new heights in their love. They'd been doing thatever since their tiff and tussle. Love does that. Both were yelling lovings at each other, and they shot theircum into Roger and all over Todd's chest and belly. Rog fell onto Todd,relaxing after their tension of a sexual climax. "Toddy, I'd like to stay here, but we better get in our Speedosand meet the boys before they drown."* * * * * While Todd and Roger were "wrestling" in their bathroom thenhurrying to the new pool to play with their little boys, whom they bothloved and would never hurt, Matt and Hardy had awakened about the timeJacob and Joshua were putting their Speedos. They hugged, they caressed and they kissed while still a littledazed. They had talked for a long time the night before, wondering whatthe hell is going on in their lives. "Hardy, I'm confused. First, somebody outs' us, then somebodyshoots at me and damn near hits a student and me. I'm really gettingpissed, love, really pissed. And, what do I do when I get pissed?" Hardy responded brightly, "You call Brian." Matt started to laugh. "Damn, Woofie, we've been together toolong." He laughed more and Hardy joined in. "Yeah, my fearless leader, I got your number." He smiledbroadly, "And I have this!!" Hardy had grabbed Matt's huge cock, rigid and hot, dripping abit from their foreplay. They hugged and kissed, caressing their buttocks feverishly. Suddenly, "Hardy, I'm not going to Lolita Teens call Brian. We've been'outed' and I have the perfect response to that. We're getting dressed,having breakfast, watching our young boys in the swimming pool, then, whenit's time, you and I are going into town. It's Saturday and we're free!" "How do you know the boys are in the pool?" "I announced last night that they Lolita Teens could if they were with anadult or two." He giggled, "And I heard what Roger told the little boys awhile ago. I'm trying to imagine what happened, but I think Roger and Toddwere having sex in their bathroom and were at a crucial point in theproceedings, the little boys walked in and asked what they were doing. Thedoors between here and there were open and the voices carried. Especiallywhen Roger was getting rattled and told the boys to go get their Speedos onand go to the pool. They were warned not to go in until Todd and Roger gotthere." "Geez, Matt, you are amazing, a real seer, a prophet." Hardy asked, "So, what are we going to be doing?" "That's my surprise! Now Lolita Teens let's get Lolita Teens going."* * * * * Hardy and Matt, when ready to go to town, looked from thesecond floor window that overlooked the new pool, primarily for safety ofthe swimmers. "Matt, do you see what I see?" He pointed to the pool wherethe four boys were having a lot of fun. "Well, Hardy, it looks to me like all four of them lost theirSpeedos somewhere and they are having a wonderful time with each other. Iknow each loves the other three, but within the bounds of correctbehavior." He looked at Hardy, "Don't you think?" Hardy hugged his lover, kissing him like mad and was beingkissed right back. "They are fine, Matt, but maybe we should warn Momabout this. She might want to swim this morning." Matt laughed, actually roared, "No, Woofie, she's in thisfamily and has to take her chances just as all of us do." Hardy laughedwith him.* * * * * The Ridgway van pulled to the curb in downtown Windsor,immediately in front of the best jewelry store in town. Hardy looked at where they were. He was puzzled for a moment,and then brightened. "Oh, Matty, are we going to get rings? That means we are goingto come out, right here in Windsor?" Matt nodded. His eyes sparkled inthe morning sun. He couldn't believe what was happening. "Oh, Matt, I'mgoing to cry, please wait a few minutes." "Okay, love." Matt grabbed Hardy's hand, holding it in both ofhis. "I'll wait forever for you, but we want Lolita Teens to go in before the storecloses." Hardy grabbed some tissues from the storage compartment andblew his nose. "Matty, I'll try to behave in there, but ... don't counton it." The owner of the jewelry story was the Lolita Teens father of one of theirstudents, actually Rhett Butler who had alertly reported he had seen Hardygo in the SocSci Building. "Well, hi, Dr. Ridgway, and Hardy, so pleased to see you.Everything okay after last night's concert?" "Mr. Butler, everything is great. And we have a special errandto perform. We would like to see some rings." "I hope this is what I think it is, Matt, you guys deserve tohave rings." He leaned closer Lolita Teens over the counter to whisper, "Everybodythinks you two are the greatest and should be together." Matt actually blushed, as did Hardy, "Well, thank you,Mr. Butler, those are nice words." He looked into the ring counter, "We'd like to find a ring foreach of us." "That's fine, Matt, but I have a selection of men's' rings inthe counter behind you." He looked at Hardy, "The restroom is right thoughthat door in the back. Mr. Wolfe might like to freshen up, maybe." Matt nodded, so Hardy excused himself to spend a couple ofminutes fixing the ravaged redlined eyes. While Hardy was gone, Mattasked, "Mr. Butler, I notice your name is also Rhett and I wonder how farback the name goes." "Rhett Butler, my father, my grandfather and my greatgrandfather all had the name. As you might realize, we had the name longbefore Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind'." When Hardy came back, they started the search for a ring again. Mr. Butler walked behind the other counter, pointing at theupper display shelf and a whole collection of beautiful rings, mostly heavyand thick. Those didn't appeal to Matt or Hardy, so he pulled out moretrays of rings of all kinds. They searched and sought just the right ring, a quest for theperfect band for each of them. Matt had just said they'd better come backagain when Hardy mumbled an inquiringMatt?' He was bending over the counter looking at a new tray. Lolita Teens "Matty?" Hardy turned to find Matt, "I think I've found it,love." Matt came to see what Hardy was pointing Lolita Teens at. His eyes foundit, then inspected it, then quickly agreed with Hardy. The ring they found had a Celtic design of two narrow lines,which crossed and re- crossed in circles, ovals and sharp curves. The twomen perceived that this would stand for their two individual lives, bondedtogether and ending up as one. The metal between the lines was removed sotheir ring was a splendid filigree of gold threads of their existencecleverly merging. Matt had tears in his eyes when he faced Mr. Butler to ask ifhe had two of these rings. Mr. Butler understood their emotions and did his best to help."Gentlemen, I am so happy to tell you that I do have two of that design.The question now is will they fit?' Let's find out." The upshot of that question was thrilling because one waslarger which fit Matt, and one was a size smaller, just right for Hardy. The men were looking at each ring when Mr. Butler broke in,"I'm going to put each ring in a box for you, and you'll probably want toput them on somewhere special." He smiled and patted their backs. Theysmiled at each other, envisioning their ritual for doing that. "Thank you, Mr. Butler. What do we owe you?" "Hey, Matty, I want to pay for one, okay?" Matt looked a bit weary, "Hardy, you don't have any money,remember?" He was kidding. "You can pay me back later, or I'll take itout in trade!" All three men laughed.* * * * *The week leading up to the second of two Pops Concerts by theWindsor College Concert band was one of busy days and night rehearsals,too. By Friday Matt and Hardy had not yet given each other their rings,they were so tied up with their separate jobs and teaching schedules. At 7:30 pm on Friday the concert started in the same place asthe previous week. Matt had prepared a list of numbers he thought would berecognized and appreciated by most of the audience. However, before the concert Dean McAllister made an unexpectedrequest. He wanted to say a few words before the last piece, whichhappened to be "The Stars and Stripes Forever" by John Philip Sousa. When the concert reached that point, Matt welcomed the Dean tothe podium and the microphone. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you are enjoying this concert asmuch as I am." He stopped as the audience gave a warm round of applause."And I want to talk a little bit about our director, Dr. MatthewB. Ridgway." Another round of applause, louder because all the bandmembers were clapping and yelling. "When Dr. Ridgway came to us lastSeptember, we knew he was good, but we had no idea how good. I hope youhave gotten to hear the Dukes and Duchess of Windsor. They areDr. Ridgway's pet project and his idea." More applause. Matt was lookingat the Dean with a puzzled face, not understanding. "Well, I'm going to tell you something else about our Directorof Bands. I have received notice just today that Dr. Ridgway has beenelected to the Presidency of the Ohio Fine Arts Teachers Association. Thisis an important position in the state organization of the Fine Arts,including, of course, all fields of Lolita Teens music. And, to have our Director ofBands in Lolita Teens that position is a wonderful lift for our school.Congratulations, Dr. Ridgway." Matt was completely stunned. How could that have happened? Lolita Teens Hehad been revealed as a gay man with a male lover, and he had been electedto the highest state office in Fine Arts. The whole audience had risen to their feet, as had the wholeband, applauding, yelling and whistling. As soon as the dean left, Mattgot on the podium, smiling, nodding his head both at the audience and athis band, yes, HIS band. He loved every minute of it. Lolita Teens Then he raised his arms, finally quieting everybody down. Heturned to face the band and again raised his arms, this time to begin thefinal piece. At the downbeat, they began "The Stars and Stripes ForeverMarch" and all the emotions of patriotism and spirit in it.. The concert finished and Matt was besieged by every one of theband members who wanted to shake his hand, and by the audience who alsowanted to congratulate him. He finally realized that the audience and bandwould not have read his write-up in the O.F.A.T.A Magazine. So they onlyknew what the Dean had told them. He decided to love it and basked in thepleasure of their approbation. Lolita Teens Finally, everyone had left except Matt's close friends. Marty,Karl and Sunshine, Ted and Brian, Todd and Roger and, of course, Steve andGary stayed with Matt and Hardy. Everyone was smiling, slapping Matt'sback and sometimes his butt. He was feeling giddy, sometimes silly, but hecouldn't wait to get home with Hardy. Saturday night would be the night toexchange their rings and be married. Each of them had been writing inevery spare moment to complete their vows by the weekend. They were havinga party on Saturday with all those who stayed after the concert. Thegiving of rings and vows would be in front of their best friends,especially the Dukes. What little was left of Friday night would beenjoyed with a few drinks and talk with their friends.* * * * * Matt and Hardy were standing side by side in front of the bigfireplace in the Great Room of the farmhouse, dressed alike in dark bluesuits, white dress shirts and ties. Matt wanted Lolita Teens to be less formal, butHardy wouldn't hear of it. "This is my one and only wedding and I want torecognize the solemnity and depth of meaning of the ritual. So, Mattagreed. Their gathered guests wore their finest casual clothing, brightand festive. Hardy did give in on one point; the two celebrants wore whitejogging shoes. Hanging around the couple's legs were Joshua and Jacob, the ringbearers, dressed in little tuxes and white running shoes. They both wereexcited, yet didn't exactly know what was going on. Hardy and Uncle Mattwere getting married. The boys wondered where the brides were, but theydidn't ask. "I, Matthew Bunker Ridgway, take you, Hardy Merritt Wolfe, asmy mate and my companion in life. I asked you to marry me because I loveyou more than anyone, I respect you more than any other human, and I desireyou more than any man in this world or the next. I want us to be a coupleuntil the moment we die, a couple made up of equal partners, neithersubservient to the other. I will also be completely true to you, Hardy. Iwould like our vows to be love, honor and treasure. I love you, my dearestfriend and my mate." "I, Hardy Merritt Wolfe, take you, Matthew Bunker Ridgway, asmy mate and my companion in life. There is no one whom I could love more,respect as much or desire as I do you. We have had passion between us fora while, but now it will be Lolita Teens forever. If we ever have a child, he will benamed Matt if we have the opportunity to name him. No question, Matt, Iwill be faithful to you and will love, honor and treasure you to the bestof my ability. I love you, my dearest friend and my mate." Dean Hamish McAllister, a Lolita Teens elder in the Presbyterian Church ofScotland, was performing the wedding ceremony. Of course, in sadness, itdidn't legally count because the partners were two men. It counted greatlyto the partners, their relatives and friends. He continued the ritual. Dean McAllister nodded to Joshua and Jacob who pulled one tinybox out of their jackets to hold up to Matt and Hardy. Actually, those twoeach picked up one small boy and kissed him while selecting the ring fortheir partner. Setting the boys down, they stood for the next part. "I believe you men have rings to exchange. Continue with yourvows." "Hardy, this ring is a token of my love and a promise to you towear until we die." Matt placed Hardy's ring on his fourth finger of hisright hand. He squeezed Hardy's hand so tight, wanting to kiss him sobadly. Hamish indicated that he was finished and it was Hardy's turn. "Matt, this ring is a token of my love and my promise to you towear until we die." He pushed the ring on Matt's fourth finger, righthand. It wouldn't fit. Quickly thinking, Hardy, pulled the ring off andsucked Matt's finger all the way into his mouth. The audience began totitter and groan. With Matt's finger soaking wet with saliva, Hardy couldthen Lolita Teens push the ring all the way on. Dean McAllister continued, "I now declare that Matthew BunkerRidgway and Hardy Merritt Wolfe are partners and mates for life, companionson the road they will be taking into the future. I now present to you, themates, Matthew Bunker Ridgway and Hardy Merritt Wolfe Ridgway." He giggled, "That last bit ain't legal as yet, but will be soonwe hope." The gathering in the farmhouse Great Room exploded withclapping, whistling and yelling. The loudest of all were his Dukes, LJ andBJ, Christine, Roger, Rick and Jamal. At that time Matt and Hardy clinchedand kissed each other with hot, hot passion, a kiss that lasted quite awhile. Lee and Neil felt privileged to have been invited to this rite ofthe year. Sergeant Reardon was there, too, and congratulated themseriously, then asked "Where's the booze?" Their good friend, Brian, who had his arm closely around Ted,shouted, "Get a room." Everyone laughed, but wouldn't let the two men getaway. Everyone wanted to hug and kiss Matt and Hardy at the sametime. Finally a line formed and the chaos was under control. "Speech, speech!" was yelled by some of their friends. Matt raised his arms and growled at Hardy. "Come here, Hardy."He and Hardy kissed hot-bloodedly. Holding on to each other, Matt said,"We want to talk to all of you and if Lolita Teens you will partake of the refreshmentsfor a few moments, we will change into our going away outfits before we geton our way." He and Hardy were grinning so broadly at each other, looking attheir rings, then laughing. Soon they left the party, ran to their roomand changed clothes. They were going to pull a surprise on everyone and Lolita Teens godownstairs dressed only in their Speedos, ready to leave for a swim in thepool. Anne saw them first coming down the stairs into the Great Room."Hardy, Matt, what are you doing? Where are you going like that?" When their friends saw them dressed just Speedos, they howled,they moaned and couldn't believe it. "Gather round, friends. Yes, these are our going away outfits.We are going away to the swimming pool, we haven't tried it yet. By theway, our honeymoon will be right here on Dukes Ranch in this farmhouse.Now, cause we are the newly weds, we get first dibs on the swimming poolfor the first hour starting right now! Then everyone can come in. If youdon't have a bathing suit here, check with one of the residents and theycan find you one. Steve and Gary, take charge please." The applause followed the two grooms into the swimming pool onthe north side of the farmhouse. They ran to the side then leaped into thewater holding hands. The water was very chilly; the heaters hadn't managedto warm it up much. "Are you sure the heaters are working, Matt?" He lowered hisvoice, "My balls are aching already, aren't yours?" "Sort of, Hardy, and I'm wondering if I'll ever see my cockagain. Hold me, honey." They bobbed up and down in the middle of the Lolita Teens clear blue water,gripping each other very tightly, kissing all the while. Matt moved hishands to Hardy's butt, sliding his fingers inside Hardy's Speedo,manipulating Lolita Teens his muscular, yet soft butt cheeks. In a few minutes, Matt told Hardy, "I think my cock has comeout of hiding. We'll either have to go to our room, or let everyone comein now. They are staring at us anyway," he giggled. "Okay, let's tell them to come in." Lolita Teens In ten minutes the pool was full of friends and relatives ofthe wedding couple. Fortunately they had built an Olympic sized pool,plenty of room for everyone. The guests moved around some, but mostly totalk to Matt and Hardy, congratulating them, hugging them. Even thoughthis was an almost all-gay crowd, any passionate behavior was held back andthe other couples refrained. The caterers that Matt had hired came outonto the pool deck, bringing their offerings of drinks, appetizers and horsd'oeuvres. The pool furniture had been delivered that day. Matt hadcalled the store to see if they could deliver it early. And they did;there were plenty of chairs, lounges and large pads for resting. Hardy, Todd and Roger heard some young children screaming,getting closer every second. They thought, Uh-oh!' From the house Jacoband Joshua ran into the pool area, completely naked as they were born.They ran and jumped into the pool where Todd and Hardy were talking. Theyproved they could swim enough not to drown. Actually the party thoughtthey were so cute, they didn't need bathing suits. Todd picked up Jacob and Hardy grappled with a slippery,squirming boy named Joshua, trying to hold on. Actually, Hardy's handswere everywhere on Joshua, all over his slick skin and various body parts.Finally, he got Joshua to hold him around his neck and Hardy clung to histiny buttocks, keeping the small boy against himself as they floatedaround. At that moment Hardy's mind was on his mate and this littleboy, thinking about his statement indicating his desire for one or morechildren, preferable boy or boys. Suddenly, his eyes focused on Matt'seyes, and knew they were thinking of the same thing. They smiled. Hardywaded toward Matt and they hugged with Joshua between them. For the firsttime that evening they felt tears dripping down their cheeks, the result oftheir loving feelings for each other and for this little boy holding ontightly. Matt had put a huge pile of bath sheets on the pool deck andpeople were using them to stay warm, the water was still chilly. About teno'clock a loud horn tooted in the driveway. Anne, Hardy's mother, toldeveryone to stay where they were. This was her surprise. Three caterers entered the house, carrying pan after pan ofwonderfully smelling food, Anne's idea so the party wouldn't be justdrinking. She had set up tables around the pool on which the pans werelined up; fried chicken, pizza, home fried potatoes and big bowls of saladplus a number of plates of finger food. One table was reserved for fourdifferent types of desserts. She looked so pleased with herself. Hardygot out of the pool, still holding Joshua, to hug his mother and give her abig kiss. "Mom, this is the happiest day of my life and I owe most of itto you. You have stood by me, supported me and loved me through it all.I'm sorry I gave you some trying times, but.... your new son-in-law and Iare going to make your life even busier and more satisfying. We hope." Anne sniffed, tears pouring from her eyes, "Hardy, you are aperfect son, except that you brought me a bride who shaves, has huge feetand is a lot bigger than you. I love him, Hardy, as much as I love you."Matt had come from the pool to stand with them. Anne included him in hernext bit, "I wish both of you the happiest of lives and love that enduresforever." She held Matt and gave him a big kiss on his lips. "Geez, Mom, that was Lolita Teens great." He laughed, "Since I don't seemto have a mother, I'm much more appreciative of your love and affection.Kiss me again while I weep a little bit in utter happiness." He was alsothinking, 'My mother is the one trying to kill me." After that, all three were dripping tears, mostly on Joshua whowas crying, too, but didn't know why. They all consoled him, and thenshowed him the food available. He spotted the pizza immediately andwriggled out of Hardy's arms. Dean Hamish McAllister came up to the three. "Mrs. Wolfe, Iwant to congratulate you on your wonderful son, and wonderful son-in-law.I Lolita Teens guarantee that this couple will go far, you can be sure of that. Theremight be snags along the way, but they will make it." "Thanks, Dean," Matt said, "How did you know about theelection? I didn't know anything about it." "Someone from the head office of your magazine sent me a copywith the page marked, and the news that you had won the election. Whoeverit was, intimated that our illustrious Dr. Powers was behind the wholething. No wonder he has collapsed. All his hopes gone to dust. Lolita Teens I'm surehe planned we would have to get him out of retirement when you were fired.Be assured, Matt, the whole Board of Trustees is behind you all the way.So maybe we've got a gay Head of Department, but we've got the best one inthe whole country. By the way, last night the Trustees gave you the jobwith the raise in pay, which goes along with the job. Did you notice allthe Trustees were at the concert? Congratulations, son. You are in chargeas of now!" Dean McAllister threw his arms around Matt who was verysurprised. But he responded in kind, patting the Dean's back, thanking himfor everything. Matt felt then that maybe he had just been adopted by theMcAllisters. Well, why not. Hardy put his arms around both of them,smiling broadly. Steve and Gary closed on Matt, congratulating him on hiselection as Association President. "How are you going to handle that,Matt? There were some people down there in Columbus who did their best toshit on you." Lolita Teens "I know, Steve, and I'm not sure but I will probably keep asmany as I can. I don't want to have to train new people at this point. Ithink only Fred Faust will be fired as soon as possible." "When do you start on that job, Matt?" Matt hugged Steve and Gary to him, "I have no idea, I didn'tknow I won the election until Hamish announced it at the concert." Hehugged them tightly, "I'll just have to wait." Later in the evening Matt found he and Hardy talking to Karland Sunshine. "Matt, I will talk to you both just as soon as we can gettogether." He smiled, "Just how long a honeymoon with you be having?" Matt looked at Hardy, who nodded. "I expect tonight andtomorrow will be about it. We have to play for graduation on Tuesdaynight, and then the Dukes play in Columbus next Friday. We may go awaylater in the summer, but not now." "I've had three honeymoons and I think they are highlyoverrated." Karl smiled wryly and turned to Sunshine, "When it is ourturn, I will be going to go for the gusto with my love here." They smiled. Matt turned to the group and raised his voice, "Everybody.Hardy and I want you to know how pleased we are that you can to witness ourceremony and share our celebration of our dedicated relationship. We'dlike to talk more with all of you, but we are both terribly tired." Someone yelled, "Yeah, right. You just want to start yourhoneymoon, fast." The two young men smiled into many cameras making a record ofthis special event. They spread their hands and arms as if to say, whatcan we say. It is time!' "Please stay as long as you want," he grinned, "as long as it'sover by midnight. Good Night!" The applause followed them all the way up the stairs and downthe hall to their room.* * * * * After they stripped out of their Speedos, Matt and Hardy headedfor their Jacuzzi, sliding in the warm water gradually, heading for theother's body once under the water. Almost in slow motion, they clutchedtheir partner, now their dedicated mate. They caressed one another,closing their eyes while seeking the comfort and solace of their partner. Hardy decided that he really needed a regular shower to getclean. He felt greasy and oily and his curls weren't shiny and lookeddull. So much for style. He slipped away from Matt, entered the showerand washed his body, thoroughly, concentrating on his hair and his genitalareas. Hardy's cock stayed rock-hard as he thought about the coming nightwith Matt, the start of their honeymoon. He was so excited, he couldhardly breathe, his nerves had him shaking, jerking back and forth, norhyme or reason. Suddenly, Hardy turned the water to total cold so maybe hecould concentrate. He smiled, that worked'. He dried quickly and headedback to the Jacuzzi, his cock lying flaccid, flopping back and forth as hewalked. Matt was still lying in the bath looking completely wiped out. Hardy leaned over Matt in the tub, "Matty, love, it's time toget to bed, hon. Remember, this is our night to howl." Matt's eyes opened and he smiled weakly, "Oh, that's right,babe, it is our night." He started to stand, "Help me get out of here,Woofie, I don't seem to have much energy. Don't know what's happened tome. Do you, love?" Hardy smiled, "You have already had a surprising weekend sofar, lover, what with your concert, your election as president, our weddingfor just a few I could mention." Matt managed with Hardy's help to get out of the tub, a littlechilled in the cooler air. His new husband had a bath sheet all ready forhim. He wrapped it around Matt and hugged him closely. "Mr. Ridgway, I love you so much." "And, Mr. Ridgway, I love you so much." Matt answered, "Are yousure you want to do that, Woofie?" Lolita Teens "Well, I'm pretty sure. I want to talk to Mom and see what shesays. I wouldn't want to go against her wishes." Hardy was leading Mattto their bed where he stripped the towel from him and helped him lie downon his side of the bed. "Now that I think of it, I could use a hyphen andbe Mr. Wolfe-Ridgway, couldn't I?" From his prone position on the bed, Matt smiled lovingly to hishusband and took his hand. "Hardy, you can do anything you want. I willlove you from here to eternity no matter what your name is." He giggled alittle, "You could be Mrs. Ridgway if you want." Then he began to reallylaugh loudly, and Hardy joined in. "I don't think so, Matty, that might endanger my male standingin the community." He turned toward Lolita Teens the bathroom, "I have to go pee, love,but I'll be right back, don't go away." Hardy had this part figured out previously. He opened hisdrawer in their bathroom, took out a jar of Albolene and got his assholeall ready for Matt. By the time he cleaned up and headed back to hislover, his cock was fully erect, as hard as it had ever been. He dimmed the lights down to a sexy gleam, casting their bodiesin golden tones of rosy glow. He crawled onto the bed and crept near hisman. Oh, that sounds so good,' he thought,my man.' "Matty, Matty, my man. I'm here beside you." When Matt didn'tanswer, Hardy shook his shoulder a couple of times. Lolita Teens "Matty, this is ournight, love." There was no stirring from Matt, lying stretched out, head onhis pillow and his feet hanging over the bottom of the bed as they usuallydid. Hardy felt a cringe of disappointment, but reproved himself. 'Thinkof what this man has done so recently, think of the tensions he has beenunder, the strain on Lolita Teens his system. Think of how much he actually means toyou. This man is your life, your love and your partner for the future.' Hardy thought about his choices. He probably could bring Mattto a climax even in his sleep, but Matt would never remember it. No, heand Matt would make love in the morning. Hardy put on a robe, crept down the hallway and downstairs tothe kitchen. Fortunately the party was over and the guests were gone. Hespent a half hour gathering delectable breakfast items his Mom had gottenready for morning. Since they had a food warmer in their bedroom, whichthey hadn't used yet, he could make Matt's breakfast there. He also fixed a thermos of coffee, which he had zapped to hot.His mother had made her famous breakfast casserole of eggs, bread, sausage,onions and other good stuff and baked it in two individual portions. Thatwould be wonderful in the morning when he warmed it up. Hardy carried everything up in one load, rather precariously,but successfully. He set it on the bar, went back and locked their door.He couldn't imagine anyone bursting in their room Lolita Teens THIS morning, but whoknew. The younger man crawled again next to Matt, curving his body tofit Matt's side, holding him in his arms, resting his head on Matt's chest,warm and slowly breathing. He shed a few tears of regret that they hadn'tbeen able to make love tonight, but he could adjust. One of Hardy's hands roamed lightly over Matt's flesh,delighting in his lightly haired chest, his treasure trail to his crotchwhere Matt's cock awaited him, the cock that would grow huge in the morningand fit prodigiously in Hardy's asshole and rectum. He was so fortunate tohave been able to adjust his body to accommodate Matt's long, thick cockeasily. It wasn't so easy to do the first few times. Hardy raised his head on one elbow and hand, adoring his 'man',visualizing in his head how hot his 'man' looked and was, so perfect inevery way. He snickered and reached out to hold Matt's cock in his hand.Soft and limp, the perfect sexual organ of his lover lay quietly in hishand, as asleep as his master, just waiting for those signals to cause hiserection, then passion. He leaned over Matt's crotch, lowered his lips to rest them onhis cock, just a quick kiss. He then reached down to pull a sheet overthem as he half Lolita Teens lay on top of Matt, their usual sleeping position. "I love you, Matt, probably more than you'll ever know, morethan I now know. My fate now runs with yours, my definitely 'better half'.An old joke but perfectly true in this case. Just keep me, Matty, keep mein your heart and your vision. I'll always be there." He had whispered,but felt Matt had heard him pledge himself.* * * * * Lolita Teens The night was dark but warm, it was late, almost one o'clockand Lee Washington and Neil Jordan walked home from parking Neil's car,holding hands. Finally inside their house, they warmed up some coffee andsat at the kitchen table. "Wasn't that great, Lee, I've never seen a gay wedding before.Have you?" "Oh, no, Neil, I don't remember even hearing about one, ever."He smiled, "I thought Matt and Hardy looked so great, real studs and hot.Nothing sissy about either Lolita Teens of them. Oh, man, when they kissed at the end,I got a hardon." "I did too, Lee. And how did you like seeing them practicallynaked? Talk about hunks, they are the originals." "Yeah, I thought Matt's cock looked huge, and it probablywasn't hard." He giggled, "I couldn't keep from staring at him."Suddenly, "And Hardy's bubble butt made me want to bite it, or rather, lickand kiss it." Neil got up and poured them another cup. "Do you want anythingto eat, Lee? Lolita Teens Ah, we still have some Lolita Teens pie and there's ice cream, too." "Oh, no, Neil, I'm stuffed. That was a great party and foodwas super. I ate too much." They talked about the wedding some more. They giggled when Leementioned seeing the little boys naked. Lee laughed, "That bigger kid hasa big dick on him already for age 5." "I've been told that his father and his Uncle Matt areextremely well endowed. Big!!" Soon Lee and Neil felt tired enough to get in bed. Theystripped Lolita Teens in the large bedroom together. Neil wondered what was up becauseLee always undressed in the spare bedroom even though he had been sleepingwith Neil. Lee made no effort to hide himself from Neil's eyes; in fact heparaded a bit as he stripped. Lolita Teens Neil had only seen Lee's cock the night helay on the front porch, hurt and bleeding and in distress because of thebroom handle up his ass. But he didn't really notice it. In the hospital he'd seen Lee's bare butt, a small, cute one,and a quick glimpse of his small cock and balls. They did fit Lee'sgeneral physique, bantam weight but attractive. Neil decided to follow the trend. He stripped completely andspent five minutes walking around, picking up his clothes, and hanging themup. He did notice that Lee was paying attention to his body and hisactivity. Previously, the two men had always slept with boxers on, bareotherwise. This night, Neil sort of made a show of getting into their bedwith nothing on, stark nude, leaving the sheet at the bottom. His mind wasspinning in wonderment of Lee's intentions. Turning out the light, Lee crawled into their bed, heading forthe center where they have always merged their bodies in a tangle of limbsand torsos. Lee's mouth ended up in Neil's ear, covering it with his warmbreath. Lolita Teens Neil was getting very excited; Lee hadn't been this close ever."Lee, are you going to tell me something, something I should know about?" Lee kissed Neil's ear and whispered, "Neil, I love you." Justa bare statement from him. Neil gripped Lee even tighter, "And, Lee, I love you, too." Hekissed Lee's cheek, warmly touching his own cheek. "I think you know, Lee,that I've loved you from the very beginning, from that night on the porch.Had you realized that?" Lee growled softly, "Yes, dear Neil, I knew that from thebeginning. You could no more hide your love for me than hide your lust forHardy." He giggled, and then laughed loudly. "Did you know that?" Now Neil was embarrassed. Lee had seen all along that he had ahardon for Hardy. "Ah, Lee, was I so open with it that anyone could see?" Lolita Teens Lee kissed Neil's lips lightly, and said warmly and lovingly,"No, dear Neil, I saw it because I was a little in lust with him myself andrecognized it in you. No, you really concealed it quite well." "Neil," Lee spoke, then paused, "ah, I ... I want you to makelove to me. I've been waiting until I was ready and I am now." Neil put his hands on Lee's buttocks, "And you are all righthere? Are you sure, Love? I wouldn't want to hurt you." Lolita Teens "Neil, you may hurt me a bit, but this time I want it! I wantit! Please." "Lee, I love you desperately and have kept away until you wereready. It will Lolita Teens be a great honor and privilege to make love to you. SinceI adore you from my heart, loving you will Lolita Teens be my heart's desire." The two young men, following their hearts and bodies, lovedeach other for the first, but hardly the last time.* * * * *"What time did Karl say he was coming, Matt?" The big housewas quiet, most of the residents were either out for the evening or intheir rooms studying or working. "About 8 I think, Hardy." Matt was in the den while Hardy wascleaning up the kitchen. Hardy was thinking aloud, "These kids can't keepanything neat around here." Then he laughed, "I mean the big kids, not the little ones."Matt agreed. Matt was also thinking of their lovemaking Sunday morning,how wonderful, exciting and loving it had been. The front door bell chimed twice, then a rap or two. "Someone is in a hurry, I guess." Hardy walked from the den toanswer the bell. He opened the door to find Karl Nordstrom on their porch. "Hi, Karl," Hardy smiled, and welcomed him into the house."We're going to be in the den." Karl followed Hardy to meet Matt there. "Glad you could come, Karl, we've been wanting to meet withyou." Lolita Teens Karl smiled as he sat down, "Well, here I am, guys, I guess Ihave to tell all or you will be going to the police. Right?" "What else can we do, Karl? Someone shot at me and to say theleast, I'm pissed." "Understandable, Matt. But I really don't want to tell. Icould be laying my life on the line if I do." A voice from the doorway, "What about my life? Huh, Karl? Areyou playing with that too?" All three men swung around quickly to see Sunshine, Karl'slover, in the doorway. Suddenly, Karl stood up, fiercely ready to defend himself."What the hell are you doing here, Sunny, I thought you were home in bed." "No, lover," he said that sarcastically, "I hid in your car.You don't tell me everything, and I need to know what's going on. It's mylife, too. Remember?" Matt and Hardy felt embarrassed to be witnessing this strugglebetween the two lovers, great people though they were. Karl muttered through his teeth, "Sunny, love, let's settlethis at home. Why don't you go for a swim while you are here?" He noddedtoward the pool, "You can go naked, they'd like to see that as well as me." That infuriated Sunny, "Damn you. Here's an example. Tell mewhy you went to River City when the Dukes last sang there? Why did youtake your special sniper's rifle with you?" His face was angry, Lolita Teens fearfuland defensive at the same time. He was shaking all over. Karl sank in his chair. He lowered his head, his handscovering his face. "How did you know?" "I followed you. You are some spy if you don't know when youare being tailed by an amateur." Matt said quietly, "Sunny, would you shut the door and take aseat with us?" He looked around, "Would anyone like a drink?" Sunshine was unsure where he should sit. Karl spoke, "Baby, come sit in your regular place, on my lap."He searched Sunny's face with love in his own eyes and held out his arms."I would have told you, hon." "But when, Karl, when we were old and gray?" Lolita Teens He pouted just alittle. "Give me a kiss, love, and I'll tell all. I love you,remember?" They kissed. Karl held Sunshine securely in his arms, "Matt and Hardy, andSunny too, I am not a spy. However, I do work for the federal governmentin a special branch that I can't tell you about on pain of death or lifeimprisonment, whichever comes first. "I take on jobs for this branch," he paused, "I'm a hit man." The other three men were shocked and looked it. "Yes, I'm a hit man. Lolita Teens I kill other hit men. Men like Red' inthe SocSci Building." Sunshine spoke, aghast, "You killed the Dukes bus driver,didn't you." "No one can prove it, but yes I did." He turned to Matt; "Ihave to assume that you have no recording equipment, audio or video,operating here?" "That's right, Karl, this is just between you and us here." "Well, there better not be, I've come in well armed!" He gavethem a fierce look, set mouth and lowered eyes. "I'm not somebody to messaround with." Karl said that, and then broke out into a broad smile,"Gotcha!" He laughed and laughed. The others finally realized that Karl was joking with them,teasing them, trying to scare them. He soon relented. "I don't go aroundarmed, only when I'm on a job. "What I've said so far is the truth, guys. Your bus driver,Matt, was a hit man for one of the Families, they never said which one.But they knew he'd killed at least 10 of the Families rivals, plus anunknown number of good, solid citizens who had tried to fight them.Unfortunately no one could prove his guilt. Does that mean I'm avigilante? I'm Lolita Teens no one-man band like Don Pendleton's Executioner, I havelimits. And, more important, I have rules to abide by. If I'm caught bylocal police, my bosses will just put me out to dry." "Karl, what about the man in the SocSci Building?" "I do know him, we've met socially, not under work conditions.His trade name is "Red", why, I don't know because his hair is quite blond.He is good. I was so lucky to have seen him go in the building and got tohim in time." He shook his head. "That wasn't my best performance, it's awonder he didn't kill me for messing up his score. But he wouldn't havebeen paid for Lolita Teens me, just you, Matt." "The big question, Matt, is Who paid for your murder?'"Write to Paul at dukesofwindsorjuno.com* * * * *Turning the PageSome characters in this story have been drawn from my first book, TurningThe Page, Nifty/Adult Friends/August 13, 2002. It is not necessary to readthat book first, but it would give you a background for The Dukes andDuchess of Windsor.
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